EXPLOSIVE Evidence Found – Was It Sabotage?

Investigators Find Detonations Were Responsible for Pipeline Damages

Investigators Believe Detonations Were Responsible for Pipeline Damages

(RepublicanPress.org) – On September 26, seismologists detected a blast around the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea along the Nord Stream pipelines. A second explosion happened later that day near the same area. In total, four leaks were found along the gas pipes, the last of which was off the coast of Sweden. The general consensus among European Union nations and others was that the damage was intentional. In fact, accidental cracks and leaks are rare.

According to Reuters, on October 6, the Swedish Security Service reported that the evidence they retrieved from the scene suggested there were “detonations” along the pipelines, indicating “gross sabotage.” Swedish and Danish authorities originally blocked off the site to conduct their investigation but have since reopened the area. The two nations, with the addition of Germany, are working together to get to the bottom of what exactly happened and who is responsible.

The Nord Stream pipes transport gas from Russia to different parts of Europe. However, it is now closed indefinitely. A build-up of methane gas was released into the atmosphere after the cracks appeared.

Reuters reported that Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced Russia was not allowed to assist with the investigation, thereby didn’t trust the integrity of the probe. Since the leaks were first reported, Russian government has blamed the US for the explosions. According to a September 30 AP News report, Russia said the US has underwater machines that could have been used to commit the act. However, NATO and Ukraine have both pointed the finger at Russia.

Germany has also launched investigations into the pipeline incident.

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