Eviction Gone Wrong Leaves 2 Dead

(RepublicanPress.org) – Evictions are typically a pretty straightforward process. The tenant receives a notice and can file a court response. A judge hears evidence and decides whether to evict the occupant or deny the moving party’s request. If the individual refuses to leave after receiving an adverse ruling, law enforcement officials show up at the residence to enforce the court’s order and remove the occupant. Sadly, an eviction gone wrong in Missouri left two officials dead.

On February 29, the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office (JCPAO) issued a statement expressing Prosecutor Jean Baker’s condolences to the families of an Independence Police Department (IPD) officer and a 16th Circuit Court process server who died earlier that day in the line of duty. Two days later, the JCPAO issued a press release announcing that prosecutors charged Larry Acree with two counts of first-degree murder, one of first-degree assault for shooting a police officer, and three counts of armed criminal action.

Drexel Mack and another unnamed civil process server went to a residence in eastern Jackson County accompanied by three police officers to evict Acree from the property.

After ensuring the property was safe and secure, Mack and the IPD officers knocked on the front door and announced themselves. However, no one answered, and there didn’t appear to be anyone at home. The police removed the locks from the door, and Mack and the others entered the residence. They were immediately met with gunfire.

Additional officers approached the residence and attempted to save Mack’s life by removing him from the property. However, Acree opened fire on them, too, injuring two of the officers and killing police officer Cody Allen. Additional IPD officers arrived on the scene and were eventually able to shoot Acree, disarm him, and take him into custody.

Acree is currently receiving medical care at a local hospital but will be transferred to the Jackson County Detention Center on a $2 million bond once his medical condition improves. Baker said her office plans to file additional charges against him.

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