Emails Reportedly Show Hunter Biden’s Attempt to Broker Deal With Chinese Company

Emails Reportedly Show Hunter Biden's Attempt to Broker Deal With Chinese Company

( – Hunter Biden’s sketchy past has created problems for his father, President Joe Biden, for years. Federal officials are even reportedly investigating tax-related issues. Most recently, revelations gleaned from emails attributed to the younger Biden have raised some serious concerns, particularly regarding China.

On Wednesday, February 8, British news agency The Daily Mail published a shocking exposé discussing a series of emails the newspaper recently obtained involving Hunter Biden.

According to The Daily Mail, the messages showed an ongoing effort by the younger Biden to negotiate a deal over two years beginning in 2014 between the State China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and Karim Massimov, the prime minister of Kazakhstan at the time.

Even though Hunter’s efforts to broker a deal go back several years, recent events make the news particularly alarming for American interests. In late 2020, the Department of Defense listed the CNOOC as one of the Communist China regime’s “military companies.” Five days later, the State Department posted a Fact Sheet warning US investors to avoid the company.

Then, in January 2021, the US Commerce Department published a press release advising it added CNOOC to the Entity List for its ongoing threat to US national security and its alleged efforts to help China intimidate neighboring countries in the South China Sea.

The Entity List is a tool used by the US Bureau of Industry and Security to restrict exports and in-country transfers of items from companies believed to participate in activities opposed to American security and foreign policy interests.

Maybe now would be a good time for Hunter Biden to hire a good lawyer or renew his passport. What do you think?

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