Elon Musk Gets Sued By Fired Executives

Elon Musk Gets Sued By Fired Executives

(RepublicanPress.org) – In October 2022, after much back and forth about sealing the deal, billionaire Elon Musk purchased the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. Shortly following the acquisition, the new CEO fired a slew of top executives and much of the staff and made sweeping changes to the social media site. Now, four of the executives Musk terminated are fighting back, claiming the new owner owes them millions of dollars.

On March 4, Parag Agrawal, Ned Segal, Vijaya Gadde, and Sean Edgett filed suit against Elon Musk for withholding severance pay and legal fees. The executives previously held the previous Twitter positions of CEO, CFO, the head of legal, and acting general counsel, respectively. The men told the US District Court for the Northern District of California through their filing that their contracts outlined severance pay if Twitter went private. After Musk bought the platform, he privatized the company.

The plaintiffs claim they were fired out of vengeance for rallying Twitter shareholders against the billionaire when he was trying to purchase the company. In fact, the lawsuit included quotes from Musk himself about “hunt[ing]” them all down until “the day they die.” According to The Hill, the former executives claim that as proof that the new CEO didn’t fire them for “cause” but for revenge — and to avoid paying their substantial severance of over $128 million. Agrawal, Segal, Gadde, and Edgett allege that Musk lied in their respective termination letters to justify their firings after they were let go. They said the claims stated by the CEO had no facts beyond Musk’s words.

The lawsuit states that neglecting to pay his bills is nothing new for the billionaire. The plaintiffs said it was a “part of a larger pattern and practice” for him that is “well-documented.” Apparently, the social media platform is also facing a number of suits about “unpaid bills” under Musk’s leadership.

The company CEO has not officially responded to the most recent suit. However, in response to a snarky X post about the lawsuit, Musk did type a cry laughing emoji online.

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