Elise Stefanik Proposes New Legislation Against China

Elise Stefanik Proposes New Legislation Against China

(RepublicanPress.org) – Chinese propagandists have been operating inside educational institutions in the United States for the better part of two decades. Founded in 2004, a communist government-controlled program called the Confucius Institutes (CI) began forming partnerships with colleges and universities in America and other countries. Now, there’s congressional pushback against their agenda.

The program’s stated goal is to promote the Chinese language and culture. However, in 2009, the country’s former head of propaganda Li Changchun stated the CI serves as a vital part of “China’s overseas propaganda set-up.”

On February 23, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) introduced a new bill pushing back against CI programs in the United States. Her bill, the End College CCP Act, would limit the availability of federal funding to higher education institutions partnering with entities owned or controlled by China.

Stefanik proposed her bill in the wake of a Biden administration decision to roll back reporting requirements for institutions working with CI programs. She released a similar amendment to Joe Biden’s COVID-19 stimulus package last week that Democrats blocked. Undeterred, Stefanik said she was proud to introduce a bill to halt the flow of taxpayer dollars that “benefit” the Chinese Communist Party “once and for all.”

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