Driver Strikes Pedestrians Ahead of Christmas Parade

Driver Backs Into Pedestrians Ahead of Christmas Parade

( – Locals gathering for an upcoming Christmas parade narrowly averted tragedy when an unidentified man crashed his truck into a group of people gathering in a California town. Unfortunately, three people sustained injuries, but no one died as a result of the accident.

Shortly after 6 p.m. local time, on December 7, the Bakersfield Police Department (BPD) posted a notice on its X/Twitter account advising that it had launched an investigation regarding an incident at 21st and H streets impacting the town’s Christmas parade route. They reported that there wasn’t a current threat to public safety, and the parade marshal was exploring options for moving forward with the event.

Roughly four hours later, the BPD posted an update confirming that a vehicle crashed into three “adult pedestrians.” An unidentified person/persons transported all three to a local hospital by automobile. The BPD concluded its report by advising that the suspect was in police custody and investigators would continue their probe of the incident.

A few minutes later, local CBS affiliate KBAK-TV published a report on the accident after speaking with BPD officials. The news agency advised that officers were making preparations for the parade shortly before 5:30 pm when they observed a white pickup truck traveling at a high rate of speed strike three men.

Fortunately, Bakersfield Fire Department workers were in the area and quickly provided emergency aid to the injured men. All three sustained serious injuries as a result of the crash. So far, officials have only released their ages (21, 42, and 77), not their names.

Police officers quickly arrested the suspect, a 72-year-old male, but haven’t released his name. The BPD indicated that alcohol could have been a factor in the crash.

The initial investigation showed that the older man was parked in an alley facing southbound. Shortly after entering the vehicle, the driver started driving in reverse through the alleyway at a high rate of speed. He crossed 21st Street and came to a halt on H Street close to the Bakersfield Fire Department Headquarters building.

It remains unclear whether officials delayed the parade, but several locals complained on the city’s Facebook page about the decision not to cancel it. It was reported that officials sought to reroute the event so it could go on.

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