Donald Trump SLAMS Defamation Case – Calls It a “Con Job”

Donald Trump Calls Defamation Case Against Him a

Donald Trump Calls Defamation Case Against Him a “Con Job”

( – In 2019, an advice columnist for Elle magazine, E. Jean Carroll, said former President Donald Trump sexually assaulted her in the ‘90s. The writer went into great detail about the alleged event that took place in a dressing room at a department store in New York City; Trump denied the accusation.

Although she decided not to press rape charges against the previous US leader at the time, the author sued for defamation after Trump labeled her a liar. Recently, the former president called the whole ordeal a “complete con job” in a statement on his website.

Defamation Case

Trump previously stated Carroll only made those allegations because she was trying to sell her book, which he claimed was full of lies. He said her antics make it harder for real victims to come forward while indicating the author was working with the Democratic Party to take him down. Carroll is one of 16 women to make a similar claim against Trump. None have been proven in court.

Although the former commander-in-chief attempted to delay his deposition in this case, Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled he must be deposed on October 19 — as scheduled. The court said doing so would cause “no undue burden” on the defendant. However, according to his statement, Trump still insists the columnist is lying about their interaction — in fact, he said he doesn’t even know the woman.

Going Forward

Trump alleges Carroll continually changed her story about what happened between them in New York City back in the ‘90s. He said in his statement that believes the US “justice system is broken.”

In addition to attempting a deposition delay, the Trump team also requested the court replace him as a defendant with the government since the suit happened when he was in the Oval Office. Kaplan denied that request as well, as the former leader had already tried to put the Department of Justice (DOJ) in his place — a request that was also denied.

The defamation case might not be the end of Carroll’s actions against Trump, as the new Adult Survivors Act gives the writer an avenue to pursue a sexual misconduct case. In August, she wrote a letter outlining her intentions to file a battery case in court for the ‘90s incident.

What do you think about the defamation suit? Who do you believe?

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