Donald Trump Looks Back on 9/11 20 Years Later

Donald Trump Looks Back on 9/11 20 Years Later

( – This Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. The terrorists killed 2,977 people on that fateful day, injured thousands more, and impacted millions of individuals worldwide. Former President Donald Trump recently spoke out about the tragic event.

On Tuesday, September 7, Trump reflected on September 11, 2001, calling it a “day like no other” in history during an interview with Newsmax host Rob Schmitt. The former president spoke of his great respect for the first responders and their “absolutely incredible” bravery. He noted that initially, no one knew what exactly was happening. However, when New Yorkers saw the second plane, they immediately realized it was an attack.

Trump marveled at the bravery it took first responders to run into the first World Trade Center building. Then, remarkably, they ran into the second tower with full knowledge it could (and did) come down, too.

The 45th president spoke of the chaotic scene on the ground when he arrived. “We heard creaks” from adjacent buildings, he recalled. “It was a scary situation,” standing there thinking other buildings could collapse at any moment.

Looking back, it’s incredible to think that the terrifying events of September 11 happened 20 years ago. The years may have passed, but the events of that day will forever remain etched in America’s national memory.

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