Donald Trump Calls Out Big Tech for Censorship Practices

Donald Trump Calls Out Big Tech for Censorship Practices

( – Former President Donald Trump isn’t exactly known for his willingness to tolerate censorship. Perhaps that’s why so many social media sites seem to unfairly sanction him for simply having an opinion. He recently took a step towards changing the situation by filing a lawsuit and then calling out big tech for their unacceptable practices.

Speaking to Newsmax on Wednesday, July 7, Trump told reporters that Twitter, Facebook, and Google “regularly take away free speech.” He also accused them of committing “atrocious crimes” that lead to a significant amount of problems in modern-day America.

The former president also pointed out that their manipulation and bias directly contributes to the problem of poor-quality journalism in the mainstream media. He believes outlets often won’t, or perhaps can’t, write the truth because big tech effectively controls their every move.

Both the Left and leaders of major social media platforms argue that they have the right to govern user-generated content, and thus, ban anyone who “breaks the rules,” under 47 U.S.C. § 230. It states that providers of interactive services, such as Facebook and Twitter, cannot be treated as publishers, indemnifying them from lawsuits over what their users post. But, it also grants the site carte-blanche permission to control everything individuals say.

Those who seek to repeal Section 230 often feel the sheer scope and necessity of these platforms makes them equivalent to a real-world “town hall.” In fact, politicians often utilize the sites to connect with their constituents, share opinions, and advocate for change. That’s exactly what Facebook censored Trump for back in 2020, raising questions about whether anyone has the right to silence representatives — much less the sitting president of the United States.

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