Dominion Voting System Allegedly Designed to Alter Election Results

Dominion Voting System Allegedly Designed to Alter Election Results

( – Experts recently conducted a forensic audit of voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan. The court ordered the results of that examination to remain under seal, but had the report released on December 14. The auditors’ reported findings are potentially damning, leading many like conservative attorney Sidney Powell to call on President Donald Trump to trigger a 2018 presidential order on foreign agents’ election interference.

The auditors’ report alleged the Dominion Voting System purposely generated ballot errors, allowing election officials to determine their intended recipient without any oversight and leading no electronic trail. The report also claimed that Dominion designed the system to intentionally operate that way for the alleged purpose of throwing the election.

Perhaps most damning is the permissible rate of error established by the Federal Election Commission. Official guidelines call for an error margin of 0.0008%. However, the auditors’ report allegedly observed a rate of more than 68%.

The forensic audit’s potential fallout remains unclear, and President Donald Trump hasn’t indicated his intention to invoke his 2018 executive orders. In the meantime, the courts continue hearing legal challenges to the election results in several key battleground states.

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