Dog Intuition: What You Really Need to Know About Man’s Best Friend

( – There’s a reason many people call their dogs “man’s best friend.” These incredible creatures can be spunky and fun companions when needed, but also mellow and calm and loyal when the moment calls for a more somber relationship. Many dogs are specifically trained to thrive in situations like these as therapy dogs, and can provide a sense of comfort unmatched by humans.

Everyone experiences grief and illnesses differently, often making it difficult for others to know how to help them through their difficult times. However, dogs have no hidden agenda and can offer unconditional love and acceptance in tough moments. Most people sense this when a therapy dog is present and will then allow themselves to be comforted by the canine.

A study published in March 2022 shows that even a 10-minute visit with a therapy dog can significantly reduce pain, anxiety, depression, and overall create a feeling of well-being for patients. So, next time you’re considering taking a painkiller for discomfort, maybe try a snuggle with a dog first.

Not all canines are cut out to be as attentive to human emotions as others. According to Country Living Magazine, the most common dog breeds used in therapy are Newfoundlands, Golden Retrievers, and Hungarian Vizslas.

For people grieving the loss of a loved one, a dog could be an incredible addition to one’s life. People working through emotional distress often have difficulty motivating themselves to do everyday tasks, but a dog needing to be fed, taken on walks, or even just played with is often the small push needed to keep a grieving person going.

However, such a choice should be carefully considered, as caring for a dog takes time and money, and a whole lot of love.

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