DNA Evidence Solves Mystery Murder

DNA Evidence Solves Mystery Murder

(RepublicanPress.org) – The development of DNA profiling techniques in the 1980s revolutionized the nation’s criminal justice system. Forensic scientists can collect DNA found at crime scenes and compare them with suspects to see if there is a match. The Department of Justice (DOJ) published an extensive guide to using it to solve cold cases in 2002.

Because of this technology, Montana law enforcement officials announced they solved a grisly 65-year-old double-homicide case last week.

In 1956, the bodies of Lloyd Duane Bogle, 18, and Patricia Kalitzke, 16, were discovered near Bogle’s car in Great Falls. Both died from a fatal gunshot wound to the head. On June 10, Police Sgt. Jon Kadner, Cascade County’s lead investigator, told members of the media that his office worked up a DNA profile of the suspect in that case 10 years ago using forensic material collected during Kalitzke’s autopsy.

According to Kadner, investigators “built a family tree backward and then forward” of the suspect, which eventually led them to find Kenneth Gould committed the murder. The alleged murderer died in 2007 and was subsequently cremated. However, investigators were able to solve the case using DNA samples collected from his children.

Kadner told reporters he believed this was the oldest cold case solved using DNA profiling. As this case demonstrated, there are many cold cases this technology can help solve in addition to future ones.

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