Disney Refuses “Make America Great Again” Line for New Series

Disney Refuses

(RepublicanPress.org) – America’s media and entertainment companies have taken a beating with the recent rise of “woke” America and “cancel culture.” It’s gotten to the point that some companies are jumping at shadows these days, and Disney appears to be the latest casualty to this mindset.

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” star Anthony Mackie told attendees of Disney’s June 12 Drive-In FYC (for your consideration) event he suggested to include “make America great again” in this year’s season finale.

As Mackie explained, he wanted to include something to the effect that if we want to make America great again, Americans must accomplish it regardless of their color, creed, or sexuality. According to him, that’s his vision of what the new Captain America embodies.

Unfortunately, Disney “shot down” the idea. Mackie didn’t offer any explanation as to why the series’ producers decided not to use the line.

The operative question is, should Disney have granted Mackie’s request and include “make America great again” in the episode?

The conservative-leaning website Daily Caller concluded that Disney made “the right call.” According to the site, people would have “thrown a fit” whether the use of the phrase was politically motivated or not.

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