Disaster Costs Iran Its Largest Warship

Disaster Costs Iran Its Largest Warship

(RepublicanPress.org) – Iran has had a run of bad luck lately, not that anyone is complaining. On April 7, an Iranian ship believed to be a Revolutionary Guard base fell victim to an attack attributed by many to Israel. Then, on June 2, a massive fire broke out at an oil refinery near Tehran.

Another blaze struck the Iranian Navy’s largest warship that same day in the Gulf of Oman. The first started in the early morning hours. The Islamic Republic News Agency reported that firefighters battled the blaze for 26 hours. However, they could not contain the fire, and the 679-foot vessel, the “Kharg,” sank near the Strait of Hormuz about 790 miles southeast of Tehran.

Officials reported there weren’t any casualties in the incident, but roughly 400 sailors and navy cadets evacuated the vessel. State media reported 33 injuries.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. A Pentagon spokesperson said the US was aware of the situation, but declined to offer any further comment.

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