Details Released in Terrifying NYC Case of Mother’s Death

Details Released in Terrifying NYC Case of Mother's Death

( – On Saturday, April 17, New York City residents awoke to the news of the discovery of a woman’s body stuffed into a hockey bag and dumped near a popular walking path in an upscale Queens neighborhood. Speculation quickly surrounded the discovery of the 51-year-old mother’s body, and recent reports shed some light on her gruesome murder.

On Sunday, the New York Post reported that Orsolya Gaal’s autopsy revealed she suffered roughly 60 sharp force injuries to her upper body and torso. Medical examiners discovered puncture wounds on her trachea and carotid artery, the main blood vessel leading to the brain. Likewise, pathologists found wounds on Gaal’s fingers and palms. However, they didn’t find any evidence of a sexual assault.

Local television station WPIX reported that Gaal met an unknown man at her upscale Forest Hills home while her husband and oldest son were out of town. Surveillance video showed a person dragging an object that appeared to be a duffle bag down a nearby street hours before an unnamed individual discovered her body.

Police sources told WPIX that Gaal’s murderer sent a threatening text to her husband using her phone. “Your whole family is next,” the suspect reportedly texted. On Thursday, April 21, authorities announced that they arrested David Bonola, 44, in connection with the murder. According to investigators, Bonola and Gaal were having an affair, and they believe a heated argument led to the violent killing.

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