Details Come Out After Missionaries Escape From Captors in Haiti

Details Come Out After Missionaries Escape Captors in Haiti

( – On October 16, headlines erupted with the news that Haitian gang members kidnapped 17 missionaries. Christian Aid Ministries later confirmed the group included 16 Americans and 1 Canadian. In mid-December, media outlets reported the 12 remaining hostages had escaped.

Then, on December 17, Christian Aid Ministries issued a statement announcing the safe return of all 17 missionaries but provided no details regarding the circumstances of their release. Media outlets were just as secretive when they previously reported that the other five obtained their freedom, but didn’t elaborate on the situation.

Weston Showalter, a Christian Aid Ministries spokesperson, later told reporters the 12 missionaries managed to escape captivity by themselves. According to him, the hostages forced a previously blocked door open and fled under cover of darkness.

The group evaded several guards and used the stars to guide them toward a nearby mountain they noticed a few days before their daring escape. They traveled the rest of the night through hostile gang-controlled terrain.

Around daybreak, the weary group came across a person with a phone and called law enforcement officials for assistance. A team from the US Coast Guard later flew the group to Florida. The group included 5 men, 3 women, a baby, a 3-year-old, and 2 teenagers.

BBC News reported that as of December 20, most escapees were safely reunited with family members.

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