DeSantis Suggests Trump Debate With Him

DeSantis Suggests Trump Debate With Him

( – A recent poll from YouGov lists Florida Governor Ron DeSantis 39 points behind former President Donald Trump for the Republican primary. Still, the state leader and presidential candidate is second only to Trump for the nomination. Recently, the GOP contenders for the White House held their latest debate, but it also marked the second time the former president was absent. Given that, DeSantis suggested a one-on-one debate.

On September 27, the Florida governor spoke with Fox News host Sean Hannity about the issue of debating and the fact that Trump isn’t participating. DeSantis suggested that “since the former president didn’t come” to the gathering, maybe he would be interested in a debate against just him with Hannity as the monitor. The Florida leader said Trump “owes it to [the] voters” to show up and make his case regardless of what some poll says.

The former president responded to the call second-hand. His adviser, Jason Miller, told the New York Post that DeSantis’ “campaign is over” and called him a loser, indicating Trump had no interest in a one-on-one debate. The former US leader’s campaign spokesperson, Steven Cheung, also weighed in on the issue on social media. He said Trump and his team aren’t “as thirsty and desperate” as DeSantis to even entertain such a thing.

The former president insists he doesn’t need to debate with the other GOP candidates because he’s so far ahead in the polls. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addressed the former president directly during the debate in California at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. He looked at the camera and said he knew Trump was watching, stating if he keeps “ducking” the debates, he’ll be referred to as “Donald Duck,” in an attempt to goad him into an appearance.

Considering Trump’s stance on the debates so far and his inner circle’s response to DeSantis’ call, the chance of him participating seems unlikely.

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