DeSantis Reveals His Fears Over Incoming Wave of Californians

DeSantis Reveals His Fears Over Incoming Wave of Californians

DeSantis Warns Californians About Coming To Florida


( – Regressive laws, high taxes, and harsh COVID-19 restrictions have created a mass exodus of individuals from Democratic states in the last few years. United Van Lines 45th Annual National Movers Study determined that Florida ranked among the top states for receiving the highest influx of new residents in 2021. The state’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis recently expressed concerns about a potential wave of transplants from California.

On Monday, April 25, independent video journalism website The Recount posted a short video clip of DeSantis warning Texans that California businesses moving to the Lone Star State were also bringing their liberal workers. The governor said that those laborers “would vote the exact same way” they did in California, which eventually turned San Francisco into a “dumpster fire.”

Turning his attention to Florida, DeSantis predicted a similar wave of Liberal voters who would move to the Sunshine State and wreak havoc at the polling stations.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that these statements mark the latest flare-up in an ongoing war of words between DeSantis and California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Newsom recently lashed out at DeSantis on his Twitter account, mocking him for allegedly retaliating against Disney for pushing back against a new Florida law prohibiting classroom discussions about gender orientation in primary schools.

Do you have any concerns that the recent departure of residents from liberal states like California would adversely impact Red States like Texas and Florida?

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