DeSantis Delivers Big Speech at Swearing in Ceremony

DeSantis Celebrates Achievements at Swearing in Ceremony

( – During the 2022 midterm elections, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) soundly defeated his opponent, Democrat Charlie Crist, in the race for the governor’s mansion. The incumbent earned a whopping 59.38% of the ballots cast, beating the other gubernatorial candidate by over 1.5 million votes. A little under two months later, DeSantis took his second oath as leader of the Sunshine State.

On January 3, the re-elected governor was sworn in at the Florida State Capitol building in front of a crowd. In a speech following the ceremony, he reiterated his commitment to the people of Florida and, again, promised the state will remain a place “where woke goes to die.” The leader boasted about the number of people who moved to Florida because it has become a mecca for “sanity” and a place where “freedom lives.”

DeSantis reminded the crowd and all those watching about his administration’s accomplishments during his first stint in the governor’s mansion. He mentioned education, judicial strides, protecting the environment, and supporting law enforcement among his many accolades. The governor also vowed to “enact more family-friendly policies” in the state so it remains a safe place to raise children.

Although the crowd seemed impressed by DeSantis’ words, there are questions about whether he will be in office to complete his entire term. During one of the gubernatorial debates, Crist asked the incumbent to confirm he would serve the full term as governor should he win the spot. DeSantis neglected to answer. He has not confirmed one way or the other whether or not he’s seriously considering a presidential run in the future, but there has been significant buzz around the possibility, with some polls pitting him against big names like former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden.

DeSantis has indicated in the past that he was mainly invested in supporting his own state for the time being.

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