DeSantis Announces Effort To Combat Drug Crisis

DeSantis Announces Effort To Combat Drug Crisis

Governor DeSantis Unveils GENIUS Plan To Combat Drug Problem

( – Over 250 US citizens per day are dying from drug overdoses, according to a recent report from the CDC. On August 3, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) announced he’s hitting the problem head-on for residents of the Sunshine State. Medical professionals joined him during his speech as he announced a plan to expand an addiction care network, Coordinated Opioid Recovery (CORE), to address the issue.

The Florida leader said officials have already used the program in Palm Beach County for two years with much success, so he intends to use the same service across 12 more areas.

The approach to the growing epidemic in DeSantis’ home state starts with rescue, moves on to long-term treatment, and ends with giving addicts the tools they need to succeed instead of relapse. He announced Dr. Courtney Phillips would oversee the opioid recovery program as the “first statewide director” handling this important issue.

The governor said people in the Sunshine State suffer greatly from overdoses. He also pointed to President Joe Biden’s lack of control at the border for the drug making its way into the US in droves.

The CORE system is expected to provide a “clean pathway” for those with addiction problems to survive and thrive in Florida, according to the press release announcement.

Do you think this effort could have a positive impact for Florida residents?

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