Dems Plan To Nominate Biden Virtually To Avoid Embarrassment

( – The Democratic National Committee (DNC) recently announced their decision to nominate President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris this year using a virtual vote. They explained there was a logistical issue regarding Ohio’s submission process for presidential candidates to appear on the state’s general election ballot.

However, not everyone is taking the Democrats’ explanation for the shift at face value. Here’s what one conservative website had to say about the situation.

Conservative Media Speculation 

On May 28, Newsmax published an article discussing the DNC’s decision to formally nominate Biden using a virtual roll call vote ahead of the party’s Chicago convention. The media outlet noted that the change was similar to the process both parties used in 2020 when they held their national conventions virtually due to lockdowns.

The outlet also speculated that a virtual nomination process would reduce “the chances for an unscripted moment” during the Democrats’ late August gathering. The site reminded readers that Biden has recently faced pushback from liberal activists regarding his handling of the Israel-Hamas War.

The article also claimed that the DNC’s decision to alter this year’s nomination process could save Biden embarrassment from activists or other discontent party members.

Democrats Have a Problem in Ohio

The DNC is set to hold its convention in Chicago from August 19 to 22. However, Ohio legislators recently passed a bill that adjusted the certification deadline for submitting presidential candidates’ names for inclusion on the state’s ballot to 74 days from the November 5 presidential election, imposing an August 7 cutoff date. Previously, the respective parties had 90 days.

Complicating matters, each party must officially nominate its respective torchbearer before they can submit their names to Ohio election officials. Republicans’ national convention will be held from July 15 to 18 in Milwaukee, so they don’t have an issue with Ohio’s decision to move that date up.

Republican Gov. Mike DeWine called a special session for state senators to address the issues surrounding Biden’s ability to appear on Ohio’s general election ballot. But, it isn’t clear if the Republican-led chamber will relax the August 7 deadline. They oppose passing the bill unless unrelated campaign finance legislation is included in the measure.

As a result, Democrats decided to use a virtual roll call to resolve the issue instead of waiting to see if Ohio Republicans would fix the problem.

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison announced the party’s decision on his X/Twitter account on May 28. “I’ll make it clear,” he began, adding that Biden and Harris “will [appear] on the ballot in Ohio and all 50 states.” He also accused Republicans of attempting to “chip away” at American democracy.

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