Democrats Vote Against Energy Independence Bill

Democrats Vote Against Energy Independence Bill

( – The price of gasoline at the pumps is already sky-high in some areas. Republicans recently proposed an energy independence bill in response to the looming threat of oil and gas shortages due to the Ukrainian crisis. However, Democrats voted against the measure.

On Monday, February 28, House Republicans introduced a measure intended to boost domestic oil and gas production by authorizing the completion of the Keystone XL Pipeline project. The proposed bill called the American Independence from Russian Energy Act would also limit Biden administration officials’ ability to halt energy exploration on federally owned lands.

However, the proposed legislation failed by a 221 to 202 vote, primarily along partisan lines. On March 1. Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-AR) told reporters expanding US-based pipelines presented an opportunity to limit America’s dependence on foreign oil and gas reserves.

Westerman pointed to the current necessity of importing natural gas from Russia to support the energy needs of New England states. He said that Pennsylvania has a sufficient energy supply for the region, but a lack of pipelines prevents its transport to its neighboring states.

Similarly, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) issued a press release questioning the Democrats’ motive behind burying America’s chance of becoming energy independent and a “net total energy exporter.”

On the other side of the aisle, Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) stressed the need for developing renewable energy sources at home. According to him, green energy sources provide the key to achieving “real energy independence.” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently echoed those sentiments, saying that opening up the Keystone Pipeline wouldn’t be enough at this point to compensate for an oil ban and that Americans need to rely less on oil.

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