Democrats Turn on Biden And Denounce Administration’s Border Policies During Vote

( – Beginning on his first day in office, President Joe Biden started undermining his predecessor’s strict border and immigration policies. He issued several executive orders that day, including one to cancel Donald Trump’s emergency declaration regarding the nation’s southern border and his redirection of funds to finish constructing the wall separating the United States and Mexico. A group of Democrats recently denounced the administration’s border policies.

On May 1, the House passed a resolution condemning Biden’s failed border and immigration policies along partisan lines, 223 to 191. Thirteen Democrats defected and voted with their Republican counterparts to pass the H.Res.1112, Denouncing the Biden administration’s immigration policies.

The resolution served as one of the harshest — and bipartisan — criticisms of Biden’s unwillingness to secure the southern border and protect the nation’s populace and cities from the flood of undocumented migrants. As Donald Trump famously remarked, other countries aren’t sending their best people. Instead, they are encouraging criminals to leave at the expense of American safety and security.

The six-page resolution includes several strongly worded passages lashing out at Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The Republican-led House tried to remove him from office earlier this year. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and his Democratic accomplices refused to hold the customary Senate trial, opting instead to summarily dismiss the lower chamber’s Articles of Impeachment after less than four hours of floor debate.

The resolution discussed the impact of the Biden administration’s policies. For instance, the measure noted that the White House’s “open-borders policies” incentivized 9.5 million illegal aliens, including suspected terrorists and criminals, to flood the nation’s southern border.

Likewise, the resolution warned that administration officials allowed 6.4 million of those migrants to cross the border and settle in American communities from coast to coast. The measure also condemned the Biden administration’s decision to rescind Trump’s cooperative agreements with several Latin American countries, a move that encouraged “mass illegal immigration.”

The passage of this resolution could have a long-lasting impact on national politics and the country, considering the election is only six months away.

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