Democrats Form New Group Focused on Immigration

Democrats Form New Group Focused on Immigration

( – On March 12, Donald Trump and Joe Biden amassed enough delegates to clinch their position as the presumptive presidential nominee for their respective party. Decision Desk HQ made the call for Trump shortly after he won the Washington primary and Biden after he received 95.2% of the vote in Georgia.

At the same time, the nominees for down-ballot races are starting to emerge, meaning the Republican and Democratic Parties can begin narrowing the issues they present to voters in hopes of winning in November.

A group of Democrats recently decided to launch a new group to focus on immigration, one of the leading issues heading into the general elections.

Democratic Lawmakers Launch New Group To Address Immigration

Democratic Representatives Henry Cuellar (TX) and Tom Suozzi (NY) issued press releases on their respective websites announcing the launch of the Democrats for Border Security Task Force. The lawmakers will co-chair the group along with 24 other House Democrats.

The notice explained that the task force’s primary goals will include “countering the surge” of fentanyl and other “illicit narcotics” entering the country and “threatening communities” nationwide.” The group also says the members plan to address the mounting border crisis and problems related to immigration.

In a statement, Cuellar praised the formation of the new task force and stressed that “cities across the country” are now experiencing the consequences of the immigration crisis — a reality that border states like his native Texas have had to deal with for years. He conceded that sustaining the status quo was “unsustainable” and that it was time for Democratic lawmakers to start addressing the issue. He also took an opportunity to accuse Republicans of playing “partisan politics” over the situation.

Suozzi echoed that sentiment but took a less aggressive approach to his remarks. For instance, he talked about the need for a “commonsense, bipartisan compromise” to address the issues with the immigration system. He also vowed to “work with [anyone] from any wing of any party” to accomplish the task force’s goals.

This move by Democrats comes after lawmakers in Congress failed to reach a compromise on a bipartisan but controversial border security bill in February. The aim was for Democrats to provide some of the measures Republicans wanted to see on immigration so that the GOP would allow the passage of foreign aid. However, the Republicans ultimately shot down the bill, arguing it didn’t go far enough to address the issues at the border.

The latest composite polling from Real Clear Politics showed that Biden received a paltry 30.6% job approval rating for his handling of immigration versus 66% who said they disapproved.

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