Democrat Announces Reelection Bid as Republican

Democrat Announces Reelection as Republican

( – Several incumbent Democratic lawmakers decided to retire from public services instead of facing increasingly hostile voters in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. However, a state legislator from Texas chose a different route. He announced he’s switching parties and running for his current House Assembly seat as a Republican.

On November 15, Rep. Ryan Anthony Guillen formally announced his decision at a press conference flanked by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and House Speaker Dade Phelan (R). Guillen told reporters he decided to switch parties after waking up to the reality his core beliefs clashed with those of the Democratic Party.

Guillen explained he spent his entire political career supporting Americans’ right to bear arms, protecting the unborn, and creating a business-friendly climate for his constituents. After some soul-searching, he decided his “fiscally conservative,” “pro-life,” and “pro-business” values no longer align with the Democrats’ plan for the future of the country.

The state lawmaker first assumed office in the Texas House in January 2003. A press release from his campaign noted that a recent survey, conducted by Rice University, confirmed his bona fides as the most conservative Democrat after reviewing his voting record for 2021.

Republicans already hold a majority in the Texas House. However, picking up another seat in the upcoming midterms could help, particularly considering the fact he obliterated his opponent by almost a 17-point margin during the 2020 elections. It never hurts to bring a popular, seasoned lawmaker to the Republican fold.

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