Dem Senator Loses It With Kari Lakes Over Gun Comments

( – Failed former gubernatorial GOP candidate for Arizona, Kari Lake, is currently running for another seat in the government — the US Senate. Recently, she spoke to a crowd of Arizona citizens in Mohave County. She told them the election cycle leading up to November would be intense and suggested they “strap on a Glock.” A sitting senator in Lake’s state responded to her concerning rhetoric.

Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) appeared on “Meet the Press,” where he said the GOP candidate’s words could “result in people getting hurt or killed.” While the lawmaker stated that he didn’t believe Lake would ever make it into any kind of political office, he said the fact that she’s a candidate for the US Senate means she must choose her words carefully.

Kelly’s words not only come from a place of general concern about Lake’s hint at political violence, but of personal worry. In 2011, his wife, former congresswoman Gabby Giffords (D-AZ), was the victim of an assassination attempt in Tucson. She was shot and barely survived — many others weren’t so lucky. Six people lost their lives during the mass shooting, and dozens of others were wounded.

In addition to the Glock suggestion, Lake discussed how she thought the military and law enforcement veterans should be “ready” during this election cycle. The GOP candidate said constituents need to send people like her and former President Donald Trump to Washington, DC, to stand up to the “swamp.”

Lake said people don’t want her there because she can’t be bought or blackmailed. The candidate predicted the next six months would be “intense,” which is when she suggested carrying a gun, strapping on a seat belt, wearing a helmet or “Kari Lake ball cap,” and the “armor of God.”

When asked, her campaign refused to clarify her comments or confirm whether or not she was predicting political violence in the foreseeable future.

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