Deadly Shooting Reported in Cincinnati

Deadly Shooting Reported in Cincinnati

( – As of November 6, the Gun Violence Archive reported that America experienced 597 mass shootings so far this year. The number of children under 11 years old killed during those incidents was over 250, while hundreds of other kids were injured. Sadly, the 251st child shooting victim died in Cincinnati, Ohio, just the other day.

On November 3, a shooter in a sedan fired 22 shots into a crowd in the city’s West End. The Cincinnati Police Department said the aggressor fired the rounds quickly. The ammunition simply mowed them down.

According to reports, Democratic Mayor Aftab Pureval said the rapid discharge during the drive-by gave the kids “no time to react.” He also said the shooting was “sickening and unimaginable.” During a press conference, the department confirmed that an 11-year-old boy was killed at the scene, three other victims were taken to the Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and two others were taken to UC Medical Center. Two days later, one victim remained in the hospital.

Four of the five people transported to the medical centers were children 15 and under. The remaining victim was a 53-year-old woman.

Chief Teresa Theetge urged the shooter or shooters to turn themselves in. She suggested if the perpetrators weren’t brave enough to do it themselves, they could have a family member contact the police. Either way, she promised justice, saying the police department would find them and bring them in.

The Associated Press reported words from the slain boy’s father, Isaac David. He wondered if the shooting of innocent people in America would “ever stop.” The victim’s dad wanted to know when that would occur and how many moms and dads would have to “bury their kids” and loved ones before it would end.

The community is gutted over the tragedy, and Pureval said families “don’t feel safe.” He said that feeling is understandable, per AP.

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