DEA Agent Arrested for Alleged Involvement in Capitol Riot

DEA Agent Arrested for Alleged Involvement in Capitol Riot

( – Theories are abound regarding the possible instigators of the January 6 Capitol Hill incident. Rumors blame everyone from Antifa members to the FBI, with Democrats hoping to pin the incident on former President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, a curious assortment of individuals face criminal charges for their role in the incident. Such is the case of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) special agent Mark Sami Ibrahim.

On July 20, law enforcement officials arrested Ibrahim for allegedly participating in the January 6 incident. A 16-page affidavit filed with the court alleged that Ibrahim, then off-duty, traveled from his California home to Washington DC and entered restricted areas, without authority, on the Capitol Grounds on January 6.

Ibrahim posted photographs of himself flashing his badge and service pistol outside the US Capitol Building. Investigators discovered video footage posted online showing him carrying a flag emblazoned with the words “Liberty or Death” outside the Capitol minutes before protesters breached barricades and overran Capitol Police Department officers.

The DEA had already placed Ibrahim on probation at the time of the incident, and he had filed notice of his intent to resign. A friend of his told investigators Ibrahim went to the Capitol Complex to promote his upcoming podcast and cigar brand named “Liberty Tavern.”

Whatever his motivation, Ibrahim faces charges for lying to federal agents, climbing the Capitol’s Peace Monument, and carrying a deadly weapon while entering restricted grounds. His next court appearance is scheduled before US Magistrate Judge Zia Faruqui on Tuesday, July 27.

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