Curfews Are Being Pushed by Liberals Even Though There’s No Proof They Work

Curfews Are Being Pushed by Liberals Even Though There's No Proof They Work

( – Deaths attributed to the COVID-19 virus hit the quarter-million mark on November 19. Nearly 200,000 people are being infected daily, according to recent reports. Several state and local-level governments have responded by imposing curfews, although there’s no evidence supporting the notion that they decrease infection levels.

Government officials advocating curfews claim limiting the hours people can leave their homes decreases the coronavirus’ overall chances of spreading. Others say curfews limit the hours people can drink in bars and nightclubs, leading to fewer drunks on the street and overall better behavior and hygiene.

However, there’s no evidence supporting the premise that restricting the hours people can move about has any impact on COVID-19’s spread. Several countries in Europe already tried curfews, to no avail.

Epidemiologist Kumi Smith told Vox the best response to the pandemic would be to shutter restaurants and bars altogether and for the government to provide stimulus measures to protect workers in those industries. Tara Smith, a Kent State University health professor, concurred, stating she didn’t know of a single health professional who recommended curfews.

It’s time state and local governments worked alongside health professionals instead of rushing to curtail their citizens’ rights.

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