Critical Health Bill Passes House and Senate

Critical Health Bill Passes House and Senate

( – Although Washington has been mired in budget talks and debate over the much-needed COVID-19 relief bill, Congress managed to get a significant piece of legislation passed this week. Surprisingly, it passed with bipartisan support.

Also known as the Immuno Bill, the House passed the measure on December 21. The Senate followed suit the following day. President Donald Trump is expected to sign the bill before the Christmas break.

The bill ensures kidney transplant recipients receive immunosuppressive medications to prevent organ rejection for the duration of their life. Under the current system, Medicare only covers the cost of those drugs for three years after the transplant operation.

Sadly, many patients lack the financial means to continue taking that medicine once that coverage expires, leading to kidney rejection resulting in dialysis, another transplant, or death.

This legislation will ensure a higher quality of life for some kidney transplant recipients and save the lives of others who would otherwise die through no fault of their own. It’s good to see that legislators could work across the aisle and get this life-saving bill passed.

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