Cringeworthy Interview: Kamala Labeled as “Momala of the Country”

( – America has become increasingly divided along partisan lines in the last few years due mainly to the polarized nature of modern news coverage. Rarely do media outlets have the same take on a particular issue or event. However, websites from both sides of the political spectrum and neutral sites appeared to agree when covering a recent interview with Kamala Harris.

On April 29, the vice president sat down for a discussion with Hollywood film actress, producer, and talk show host Drew Barrymore. For some inexplicable reason, the two discussed Harris’ relationship with her husband Doug Emhoff’s two children from a previous marriage, Cole and Ella.

The Daily Beast, a left-leaning site, characterized the interview as the “cringiest thing” television viewers will “see this week.” Likewise, right-leaning Fox News described a portion of the two women’s discussion as a “cringe moment.” The Hill, generally considered a neutral news organization, referred to the broadcast as a “cringey interview.”

You’re probably asking yourself: “What happened? Why all the fuss?”

Here’s the deal. Harris told Barrymore that she and her future husband “dated for a while” before they met his children — for a “very specific reason.” She continued that as the child of divorced parents, she understood the importance of waiting until she and Emhoff were “sure [they] had something real” before arranging an opportunity for Harris to meet the kids.

Harris also explained that she and her husband don’t use the word “step” around the children. According to her, “Disney messed that up” for many people “years ago.”

“You know, the evil stepparent [meme],” Harris added.

Instead of calling her stepmother, Cole and Ella refer to her as Mamala — a made-up word that apparently works for the kids.

Okay, here’s where the cringe enters the scene.

Barrymore followed up by leaning into Harris and telling her that “we all need a mom.” She said everyone needed a “tremendous hug.” Leaning a little closer toward the vice president, the actress said, “We need you to be Mamala of the country.”

Harris responded by muttering: “Yeah, I mean, yeah, no. I know.”

Continuing her line of reasoning, Barrymore noted that when people “lift each other up,” everyone rises, adding, “However, we need a great protector.”

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