Country Singer Defends Biden Criticism After Backlash

Country Singer Defends Biden Criticism After Backlash

( – Brittany Aldean, the wife of country music star Jason Aldean, posted several photographs on her Instagram account of herself wearing a shirt that read “Anti Biden Social Club” on Saturday, September 25. She also posted several photos of the couple’s two children wearing “Hidin’ from Biden” t-shirts. As one might expect, the posts created more than a bit of controversy, prompting a strong response from Jason.

For example, one individual commented on one of Brittany’s posts accusing her of using the children as “political props.” Jason quickly responded, telling the individual that he and Brittany teach their children what they think is proper and best for their future. Continuing, he wrote that those who think the current state of affairs is right for America’s children and grandchildren are “delusional.”

Jason followed up later that day with a post on his Instagram account. He wrote that he would never apologize for his beliefs or love for his family and country. As Jason pointed out, America is “the greatest country in the world,” and he wants to keep it that way.

Jason included an inspiring photograph of himself performing in Phoenix with the American flag displayed on a giant video screen behind him. He concluded his post with the hashtag #unapologetic.

It’s a pity things have gotten to the point people lash out at someone for posting images expressing their opinion of the current state of affairs in the White House. Whatever happened to free speech?

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