Conservative Organization Urging All 50 States To Bar Illegals From Voting in November

( – Several conservative groups have mobilized to push back at any potential election fraud during the upcoming presidential election, considering the widespread allegations of voting irregularities during the 2020 election cycle. American First Legal (AFL), a group founded by officials from former President Donald Trump’s administration, recently mounted an effort to urge states to use existing federal laws to help them prevent illegals from voting in November.

On June 24, AFL sent letters to election officials in all 50 states presenting an action plan to “prevent foreign nationals” from voting illegally in American elections. The organization also forwarded a copy to each state’s governor.

The 70-page notices explained that Congress has provided “two critical tools” the states can use to “verify the citizenship status of individuals registered to vote in their respective state.

Those statutes include 8 USC § 1373, which provides the mechanism for government entities to receive information from the Immigration and Naturalization Service regarding an individual’s citizenship or immigration status. Likewise, 8 USC § 1644 bars any restrictions on sending or receiving information regarding an alien, regardless of whether they entered the country lawfully.

The letter advised that sections 1373 and 1644 require federal officials to search for an individual using “available information” like a registered voter’s name and date of birth. Many states use the Systemic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) program to conduct those inquiries to verify a person’s immigration status to ensure only US citizens remain on the various states’ voter rolls.

However, that system requires using an individual’s Alien Registration Number or another official Department of Homeland Security identifier. Relying on those federal statutes streamlines the process and allows the states to more readily identify ineligible voters and nullify their registration.

The notice also explained that state and local-level election officials can sue the federal government if they refuse to provide the requested information regarding the immigration status of voters so they can review their rolls and exclude non-citizens from voting in November.

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