Conservative Group Unveils New Anti-Biden Campaign

Conservative Group Unveils New Anti-Biden Campaign

( – Whether or not Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 election remains a subject of considerable debate. Some states, like New Hampshire, continue looking into allegations of widespread election fraud. Meanwhile, Citizens United launched a new anti-Biden campaign and website as part of an effort to push back against the current occupant of the White House.

The group promises to expose and defeat Biden’s radical agenda using a media blitz, petitions, op-eds, and videos.

Its website includes links to news and information defending Donald Trump’s “America First” policies. The site also includes detailed information regarding Biden’s position on various issues like law and order, border security, and much more.

Fox News caught up with Citizens United head David Bossie to discuss the project shortly before the group announced its launch on February 25. As he explained, Biden didn’t receive a mandate from the American people to “impose his radical agenda on America,” and the organization won’t let him destroy Trump’s policies “without a fight.”

You can visit the site for more information and sign one of its petitions to Stop the Biden Agenda, Restore Trust in Our Elections, and Appoint a Special Counsel Now to investigate the “mountain of corruption allegations” surrounding the Biden family.

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