CNN Fires Freelancer Who Said World Needs a Hitler

CNN Fires Freelancer Who Said World Needs a Hitler

( – Former President Donald Trump warned the country about CNN and fake news for years. As it turns out, there are other problems with the mainstream media outlet surrounding its hiring of at least one foreign freelance reporter.

On Sunday, May 16, outrage erupted on social media after a freelance CNN contributor from Pakistan reportedly posted a tweet praising Adolph Hitler. Adeel Raja tweeted that he believed that the world needed another Hitler.

Raja’s post came in the wake of growing violence between Israel and Hamas. Other Twitter users did some digging into his previous posts. They uncovered other tweets praising Hitler in mid-July 2014, the last time Israel and Hamas launched major rocket attacks against each other.

Fox News reported that a spokesperson for CNN confirmed Raja’s status as a freelance contributor, but downplayed their association with him. He also said that “in light of [his] abhorrent statements,” CNN severed all ties with him.

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