City in China Goes on Lockdown Over COVID Spike

City in China Goes on Lockdown Over COVID Spike

( – Government authorities in China have taken a zero-tolerance approach to combat coronavirus infections in hopes of flattening the curve. As a result, they recently imposed a strict lockdown in Changchun due to a recent spike in new COVID-19 infections. The stay-at-home order impacts the more than nine million residents of the city.

On Saturday, March 12, China documented over 1,500 new COVID cases in one day. This outbreak is the largest China has seen since the pandemic hit in 2020.

Authorities are making every effort to lower rates through tight border control, mass testing, and total lockdowns. During the Bejing Olympics, participants were kept separate from the general public through a closed-loop system which helped keep COVID cases to a minimum.

Despite those precautions, the Omicron variant spreads like wildfire with no end in sight. Even though this particular strain is believed to be less life-threatening than its predecessors, the steep spike in cases has overwhelmed hospitals and other medical facilities in China

Changchun’s lockdown is rigorous, with enforced regulations impacting all facets of life. For example, all non-essential businesses, including transportation services, are closed. Likewise, officials shut down classrooms and health officials have ordered people to stay at home except for trips for essential items like food and medical supplies.

New COVID infections may be waning in the United States right now, but it appears China still has a major problem on its hands.

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