Chuck Schumer Supports MLB for Leaving Georgia

Chuck Schumer Supports MLB for Leaving Georgia

( – Major League Baseball (MLB) officials recently announced their decision to transfer the upcoming All-Star game out of Georgia in response to the state’s recent passage of a wide-ranging election law. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) managed to open himself up for mockery for his support of MLB’s decision.

On April 3, Schumer slammed Georgia’s new voting laws on his Twitter account and invited MLB to move its All-Star game to New York, where they are “working to make it easier” to vote and “not harder.”

As one might expect, Twitter didn’t take too kindly to Schumer’s misrepresentation of the truth. Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp quickly weighed in and tweeted that Georgia has 17 early voting days with the option for counties to add 2 more on Sundays. New York only has nine days of early voting by comparison. Kemp also pointed out that New York law requires an excuse for absentee voting, but Georgia doesn’t.

Democrats repeatedly claim Georgia’s new voting law is overly restrictive, when one could argue that it’s more lenient than those in the Democratic-led state. As Kemp observed, Democrats are “lying, and they know it.”

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