Chris Wallace Stepping Down From Fox News

Chris Wallace Stepping Down From Fox News

( – Chris Wallace began his nearly six-decade-long journalism career working as Walter Cronkite’s assistant during the 1964 Republican National Convention. Of course, it didn’t hurt that his stepfather headed up CBS News’ election unit at the time. Wallace worked for several news agencies over the decades, most recently as the host of Fox News Sunday, beginning in 2003. On December 12, he announced he was leaving Fox News, effective immediately.

Later that day, CNN released a statement from Wallace, stating that he was excited to join the network’s new streaming service, CNN+. As it turned out, many leading Conservatives were equally thrilled at the prospect of Wallace leaving Fox News. Likewise, members of the general public also appeared grateful to see Wallace depart Fox News, as evidenced by the hashtag #GoodRiddance, which trended on Twitter for hours.

Wallace has come under fire over the years from Conservatives. For instance, supporters of former President Donald Trump accused him of exhibiting bias against the president while moderating one of the debates between Trump and then-Democratic-hopeful Joe Biden.

Wallace also had a longstanding habit of sparring with other Fox News personalities. He and Laura Ingraham had on-air words about each other regarding former Attorney General Bill Barr’s letter exonerating Trump shortly after Robert Mueller issued his final report on the Russia Hoax. Most recently, Wallace lodged a formal complaint with Fox News heads over Tucker Carlson’s documentary of the January 6 Capitol Hill riot.

Who do you think should replace Wallace as host of Fox News Sunday?

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