Chinese Embassy in France Unveils Bizarre Music Video

Chinese Embassy in France Unveils Bizarre Music Video

( – The United States positioned itself to replace Great Britain as the world’s policeman with the push to replace the League of Nations with the United Nations after the close of WWII. A bizarre new music video released by the Chinese appears to agree with the label, calling the US the world’s “human rights cop.”

On December 10, China’s Embassy in France released the poorly-produced video on its social media pages. Titled “It’s Ameri-cracy,” the animated clip features a bowtie and top hat-wearing Chinese woman accompanied by a group of animals playing various musical instruments. The song appears to mimic a New Zealand ballad, The Wellerman.

The lyrics begin with the claim that America uses democracy as an excuse to attempt to rule the world. The song goes on to say if any country dares to say “no” to the US, America will treat it as an enemy. The song also bashes the United States, accusing it of a love of money, submission to corporate interests, use of disinformation, and gerrymandered elections.

On the other hand, the song’s chorus boasts of China’s great leadership proclaiming its democracy reflects Chinese “culture, will and soul,” and bashes the US for creating so many problems in the world.

What do you think? Is China ready to dominate the globe when it can’t even produce a decent music video?

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