China Used a Microwave Pulse Weapon to Kill Indian Soldiers (REPORT)

China Used a Microwave Pulse Weapon to Kill Indian Soldiers (REPORT)

( – The brutality of China’s communist regime has been well-documented for decades. Recently, it’s taken that brutality to a new level.

International monitoring agencies, like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, have a long history of reporting widespread denial of fundamental human rights at Chinese officials’ hands. Additionally, well-respected news organizations like BBC News and The Wall Street Journal dedicated numerous articles over the years documenting government-sanctioned atrocities.

However, the horror surrounding the latest report out of China staggers the imagination. On November 17, International media reported that Chinese troops deployed a secret weapon that microwaved Indian soldiers alive, forcing their retreat from a disputed border.

The two countries recently agreed to a ban on firearms in a long-standing dispute over a border between the two countries located in the Himalayan Mountains. Troops reported fighting using sticks and stone up until the microwave weapon was introduced to the battle.

The United States has similar technology but has never used it.

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