China Trying to “Normalize Aggression,” Experts Claim

China Trying to

( – Tensions continue to mount as communist China continues its quest to dominate the world’s economies by 2049, the centennial anniversary of the People’s Republic of China’s founding. Experts are now accusing China of attempting to normalize aggression as it pursues dominance over Taiwan.

On November 28, Chinese military officials deployed a Xi’an Y-20 aerial refueling aircraft, more than a dozen fighter jets, and five H-6 twin-engine jet bombers into the buffer zone surrounding Taiwan’s air space. Chinese experts like Gordon Chang said that China carried out the mission to intimidate Taiwanese and US officials by proving its air force is capable of carrying out sustained missions in the event of an invasion.

“It is obviously a message,” Chang proclaimed.

Tim Heath, a RAND Corporation defense researcher, echoed that sentiment. According to him, the inclusion of a Y-20 refueling aircraft indicated that China has the ability to send fighter aircraft and bombers across vast expanses of the sea to potentially intercept US warships and planes.

Both experts warned that the US can’t turn a blind eye to Chinese provocations. If the US becomes too complacent, the eventual outcome could be China invading Taiwan.

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