China Reportedly Creates AI That Can Press Charges

China Reportedly Creates AI That Can Press Charges

( – Science fiction writers and Hollywood movie producers have predicted the rise of machines to the extent they might one day replace humans. China reportedly took a significant step in that direction with the recent advancement of a new artificial intelligence (AI) system.

On Sunday, December 26, the South China Morning Post reported that Chinese scientists developed an AI-operated prosecutor, capable of pressing charges against alleged offenders without human assistance. Chinese researchers claimed that so far, the machine can identify eight crimes like gambling, fraud, reckless driving, and even “picking quarrels and provoking trouble,” legal terms used by Chinese authorities to subdue potential dissent.

Developed by the Shanghai-based Pudong People’s Procuratorate, China’s largest prosecutor’s office, the system uses about 1,000 traits based on highly descriptive text entered into its database to discover potential offenders.

Human operators then trained the machine using the data from thousands of real prosecutions spanning five years, ending in 2020. Reportedly, the system can prosecute individuals with a 97% accuracy rate.

As one might expect, the development of a system capable of prosecuting and suggesting sentencing for offenders without human participation on the part of prosecutors raised immediate concerns.

China has a horrible history of alleged human rights abuses. According to The Daily Mail, some have already raised concerns that the Chinese Communist Party could weaponize the system against its perceived foes and public dissent over its draconian policies.

What are your thoughts about machines replacing prosecutors?

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