China Denies Testing Hypersonic Missile After Disturbing Report

China Denies Testing Hypersonic Missile After Disturbing Report

( – China hopes to become the world’s leading political and economic power by its 100th anniversary in 2049. Part of its strategy involves getting the upper hand with emerging telecommunications technologies and cyber systems. At the same time, the Chinese government continues its long-standing effort to gain a military advantage over its foes, real and imagined. However, the nation is denying a recent report about one of its alleged weapons.

On Saturday, October 16, the Financial Times reported that China recently tested its space capability using a new nuclear-capable hypersonic rocket. The country allegedly test-fired the new weapons system in August.

The missile allegedly circumnavigated the Earth through low-orbit space before zeroing in on its target. Anonymous intelligence claimed the missile missed its mark by about 24 miles. The test demonstrated China’s recent progress using hypersonic weapons, a revelation that reportedly caught US intelligence officials by surprise.

The Chinese government is disputing the report. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters the exercise was just a “routine spacecraft test, used to test reusable spacecraft technology.” He said it could provide a cheaper way for people to peacefully use space.

It should be noted that if the report is true, the country’s move towards the use of hypersonic technology raises serious alarm bells. Unlike ballistic missiles, which fly into outer space, hypersonic weapons systems advance towards targets at speeds greater than five times the speed of sound at lower altitudes, making them difficult to defend against.

According to the report, news of the test raised concerns within the US intelligence services that, perhaps, it had underestimated China’s ability to modernize its weapons systems. An unnamed intelligence said the US has no idea how China built the weapon.

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