China Accuses Worker of Spying for CIA

China Accuses Worker of Spying for CIA

( – The Department of State lists US relations with China as strategically competitive and diplomatic, despite the countries’ often opposing interests and values. However, when the United States military shot down a Chinese balloon that breached American airspace in February, that relationship became a bit more strained. Now, China claims one of its citizens was spying for the CIA, adding to the tension.

On August 11, CBS News reported that Chinese national security authorities announced they detained a person with the last name of Zeng under suspicion of spying for the United States. The China resident reportedly worked at a military-industrial group that sent him to Italy to study. That’s where he allegedly met a CIA agent and started selling the official Chinese military secrets. The Ministry did not supply a timeline for the supposed interactions between the two.

China’s Ministry of state security explained on social media that the military worker somehow became psychologically dependent on the agent. The official said the CIA agent brainwashed Zeng with “Western values” to compel him to reveal Chinese secrets.

The South China Morning Post reported that Zeng gave the agent “core information,” referring to the US embassy official as Seth. The CIA agent allegedly promised to move Zeng to the US and pay him a lot of money for information about China.

The Chinese anti-espionage agency claims Zeng even went through training to accomplish his task. The alleged spy is now facing indictment in his home country. It’s unclear what information the Chinese military worker supplied to Seth — if any. That said, The Washington Times stated in July that CIA Director William Burns announced the agency was in the process of rebuilding spy networks in the Asian nation.

The Central Intelligence Agency did not comment on the arrest or the allegation Zeng worked with a CIA agent in Italy.

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