Children Killed by US Missile, Russia Vows Revenge

( – Russia has lost more than half a million soldiers and thousands of pieces of military hardware and equipment fighting against Ukrainian defense forces. President Vladimir Putin recently traveled to China and North Korea, presumably to establish agreements to purchase arms from those country’s despot leaders. He’s also adopting a new approach to striking back at Western nations supplying materials to Ukraine, as evidenced by his administration’s recent vow to avenge the death of children.

On June 24, Western media outlets reported that Russia was blaming the United States for a recent Ukrainian missile strike in occupied Crimea the previous day. Officials from Sevastopol confirmed that four civilians perished in the attack, including two children.

The Kremlin issued a press release accusing the Ukrainian Armed Forces of deliberately striking the metropolitan center, using “five US-made ATACMS missiles,” a sophisticated weapons system that can be armed with unitary high-explosive warheads and cluster munitions. The statement also advised that the attack injured at least 124 people, including 27 children.

Russian state media outlet TASS reported that the Foreign Ministry summoned US Ambassador Lynne Tracy to discuss the “deadly attack” on Sevastopol. Ministry officials reported she issued a harsh rebuke and accused Washington of sponsoring an arming “another deadly crime by the [Kyiv] regime.”

The Foreign Ministry also accused the US of waging a hybrid war against Russia by “supplying” the Ukrainian defense forces with some of the world’s most sophisticated weapons, like ATACMS missile. Russian officials also said American military specialists were programming the flight paths of those weapons systems “used against residents of Sevastopol.”

Ministry officials also vowed to exact their revenge on the US for its role in the attack. TASS reported that they told Ambassador Tracy that “such actions” by the US, aimed at encouraging “Ukraine’s pro-Nazi authorities… to deliver strikes deep inside Russian territory, [would] not go unanswered.”

“Response measures will definitely follow,” the Russian Defense Ministry warned.

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