Child Survives Horrific Shooting by Playing Dead

Child Survives Horrific Shooting by Playing Dead

( – Sadly, random shootings have become all too common in America these days. On August 5, a town in the Sunshine State suffered the latest mass shooting event.

Residents of Lakeland, Florida, contacted law enforcement officials the day before to report a man, identified as former Marine Bryan Riley, wandering the streets asking residents about an individual named “Amber.” He approached a man, Justice Gleason, who was mowing his lawn with his 11-year-old daughter and started accusing the father of being part of a trafficking operation. Eventually, Riley ran off.

About 9 hours later, just after 4 a.m., Riley returned heavily armed and wearing body armor. He went to the house of the family. Investigators told reporters he went to a small apartment behind the main house and “executed” the 62-year-old grandmother who lived there as she begged for her life.

Continuing his rampage, Riley entered the main house and killed the homeowner, Gleason, 40, his girlfriend, Theresa Lanham, and their 3-month-old baby. Miraculously, the 11-year-old girl survived the incident by pretending to be dead as she lay on the floor bleeding from 7 gunshot wounds to her legs, arms, and other places. She later told detectives she only survived because “I played dead and I prayed.”

Detectives arrested Riley later that day and booked him into the Polk County jail. He is currently being held on four counts of first-degree murder without bond.

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