Chief Justice Denounces Supreme Court Draft Opinion Leak

Chief Justice Denounces Supreme Court Draft Opinion Leak

Supreme Court BETRAYAL Reported – Chief Justice Is FURIOUS!

( – On May 2, POLITICO published an initial draft majority opinion written by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito indicating the High Court may overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade (1973) decision. That ruling granted constitutional protection to a woman’s right to have an abortion. The news quickly triggered a strong public response, including a harsh rebuke from Chief Justice John Roberts.

On May 3, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) issued a press release confirming the draft opinion’s authenticity. It also included a statement by Chief Justice Roberts condemning the leak of a document intended for internal SCOTUS deliberations.

Roberts called the leak a “betrayal of the confidences of the Court,” designed to “undermine” the SCOTUS’ integrity. However, he declared the effort wouldn’t succeed, saying that the breach wouldn’t impact its operations. He also advised that the draft opinion didn’t reflect the final position of any justice or the High Court’s final decision.

Additionally, the chief justice wrote that the confidential document’s release was a singular event constituting a shocking breach of trust and an insult to the SCOTUS, its employees, and law clerks.

Justice Roberts concluded his statement by announcing that he directed the High Court’s marshall to launch an investigation to determine the leak’s source.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and other top lawmakers also denounced the draft opinion’s leak and called for a swift investigation and criminal charges if applicable.

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