Check Your Pantry for This Recalled Gravy

Check Your Pantry for This Contaminated Gravy

( – In 2023, the FDA listed 381 food and beverage item recalls for the year for various reasons, including undeclared allergens, listeria, salmonella, and the presence of foreign materials. As people stock up their pantries at year-end and get ready for the holiday season, checking these lists to ensure there are no contaminated items in their homes becomes all the more important.

On November 22, the FDA published a food recall for a popular item people purchase around this time of year — gravy. Seneca Foods Corporation announced a voluntary recall of Hy-Vee Turkey gravy for mislabeling. The product, available in glass jars, might not contain turkey gravy but beef gravy instead. The company said the item could contain a soy allergen not listed on the label. Luckily, the product distribution was limited, as it was only sold by Hy-Vee and no other retailers.

Check your pantry for a 12-ounce glass jar of Hy-Vee Turkey Gravy with an Individual Lot Code of A3CG162M A3CG192M and UPC number 75450-03608—located on the lid.

Some other recently-recalled products that might be popular during the holiday season and be sitting in American kitchens include Manischewitz dark chocolate coins, United Dairy Farmers holiday eggnog, Valley View Candies’ fudge, Fresh Express spinach at Publix, Eban’s Bakehouse cookie bites, and a number of deli salads at Herold’s Salads of Cleveland.

Before consuming products in your pantry or preparing meals for guests, it’s a good idea to check the recall list to ensure the items are safe to consume. You can also sign up for alerts to stay up-to-date on the latest recalls.

If you have a recalled product, the FDA suggests returning or throwing away the item. People who have prepared the affected food should wash all surfaces, cookware, counters, refrigerators, and shelves with hot, soapy water to ensure no contaminants remain.

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