CEO John Matze Responds After Big Tech Companies Silence Parler

CEO John Matze Responds After Big Tech Companies Remove Parler

( – Once the lid gets blown off of censorship practices, it’s hard to ever replace it. Facebook and Twitter led the charge last week with their decisions to suspend President Donald Trump’s accounts. YouTube and others quickly followed suit.

Parler, an alternative to Twitter, became the latest victim of Big Tech censorship in a big way when Google and Apple banned the platform’s app on Friday, January 8, and then Saturday, respectively. Amazon followed up by suspending Parler’s web hosting services early Monday morning.

Parler CEO John Matze punched back at Apple in a post on Parler, captured in a screenshot by YouTube personality Mark Dice.

The tech companies claimed Parler wasn’t moderating comments on its platform, going as far as blaming it for the January 6 incident at the US Capitol Building.

Matze spoke at length with Fox Business Channel host Maria Bartiromo about his problems with tech companies on Sunday. According to him, the bans were part of a coordinated effort to stifle competition.

Texas’ Republican Gov. Greg and other leading conservatives are renewing President Donald Trump’s call to reverse legal protections given to internet companies censoring free speech. Time will tell if Congress decides to take further action.

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