Celine Dion Announces She Has Incurable Condition

Celine Dion Announces She Has Incurable Condition

(RepublicanPress.org) – Stiff person syndrome (SPS) is a rare neurological condition that affects the brain and spinal cord. People with this syndrome can suffer from muscle stiffness, aggressive spasms that can fracture bones, and a general problem with mobility. Each person with SPS is different, so it’s hard to generalize a prognosis.

On December 8, singer Celine Dion announced doctors diagnosed her with SPS a while ago, and she has been working up the strength to tell the public. In a very emotional video on her Instagram, the megastar spoke through teary eyes, explaining how the disorder won’t allow her to continue her European tour in February as she’d planned.

Instead, she moved her Courage World Tour to 2024 to give her time to prepare.

Performing on stage at this time is impossible for Dion, as she said that SPS affects every part of her daily life, including her ability to move or sing the way she usually does. The talent said she’s been “dealing with [health] problems” for quite some time, and the challenges have been hard to face.

Dion has been working with a “sports medicine therapist” to help improve her condition and get her performance-ready. The singer said she misses her fans and “being on the stage.”

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